I just found one of your hair on my hoodie. I haven’t seen you since I washed this. It stuck through the washing machine. It stayed while it was hanging on the line. It stuck in my overnight bag. And it stuck until at 3:35pm on a Monday I saw it & pulled it from my clothes.

It’s curled up and red. It had 2 knots in it. I tried to undo the knots & I broke the hair. Now there’s a smaller spiraled section – with a knot in – and a longer piece that makes curls that look like the golden ratio diagram.

I wonder how long it will take until I no longer find your hair on me, in my house. I wonder why it broke when I tried to undo the knot. Why couldn’t I fix it without breaking it. Why did the smaller part curl up so tightly into itself?

I should probably just wipe them off my desk or put them in the bin.

Instead the 2 pieces are lying on my desk, between my hands as I work.

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