Playlist 30-06-2010

So I go through stages where I’m completely obsessed with music and other times I’ll not care much about the soundtrack to my life. I do however love living in my secluded music world at times.

My awesome friend and boss iaan bought me a pair of SkullCandy headphones a while ago. We’d been looking at them for ages and he bought me a pair in Dubai. I promptly broke them the same day, BUT SkullCandy said their products are made for hard living so they give you a 50% discount on a new pair. I bought the bigger and better pair.

Anyway, so since I’m in the UK I can actually buy iTunes. Yeah, we can’t in SA. Sucks eh? So I’ve been buying songs I’ve been wanting for ages… And I’ll give you a little rundown, cause they’re awesome!

1. Auriol Hays – Shapeshifter If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know I’m a little Auriol Hays bedonnerd. I watched an episode of a South African tv show that was supposed to feature a lesbian character. The show was crap, but the last few minutes of the show had the most incredible song I’d ever heard. I wrote down part of the lyrics and hit the internet. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So on to facebook. Went to the un-and official pages of the show, asked if anyone knew the song and eventually one of the producers told me it was called Close the Chapter by Auriol Hays. Googled her, found her, sent her a message on twitter asking where I could find the song, and she sent it to me! Amazing. Anyway, so this song is off her cd Behind Closed Doors. It’s not so easy to get hold of the cd, so get it online or check your local CNA. She should be famous.

2. Auriol Hays – Ain’t No Sunshine Yeah I know we’re still on Auriol. Quick story about the song though. About 9 years ago I was living in London. I convinced my brother to come over as well, and one day we were walking down the road and we realised we were both singing this song. And neither of us sing in public really. And we ran down the places we’d been. We hadn’t heard the song during the day. Anyway. I love the song.

3. Toshi Reagon – How Long This song was featured in an episode of the L Word. I love the feel of the song, awesome lyrics and it makes me want to dance. I don’t want to dance often.

4. Peter Gabriel – Summertime I worked as a photographer on a cruise liner in the Caribbean. There was this fantastic pianist who used to play quite close to where I had my setup. Every night he used to play this song, and I just absolutely loved it. I had definitely heard the melody before but I couldn’t place it at all. It was so fantastic, I used to make my clients stand and listen to it. He would start this languid tune, like it was hot and sticky out, and you didn’t want to move to much, and then build it to this crescendo and then slowly take it down again.  I asked him what it was and he said Gershwin’s Summertime. I’ve been looking for a version that sounds like the version he played and I’ve never been able to find it. I’d learn to play the piano JUST to learn to play this song like he did.

5. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down I was waiting for my pizza in Debonairs one night and this song was playing on MTV or something. I just LOVED it. Such emotion. And talent.

And yes, I have pretty much have 5 songs on repeat.