In my skin

So many years later & I can still see where I cut your indifference into my skin. My fingers prod and pull at the brown skin to find the white lines. Only one is clear, I think I see the ghost of the others. Was this the first one? Did I not cut as deep the second and third lines? The tiny bubbles of blood in perfect lines. I bought cigars and razor blades. I told my friend to drive faster and we got drunk & hoarse. And when everyone else was fucking their way through the night I drew my love into my skin


Hoekom lyk dit of meeste
sommer net so
ander deur die lewe loop

en ek struikel deur modder
en kak
en klippe

My kniee is nerf-af
my hand palms vaal geskraap
tot die bloed deursyfer
en dit brand
dit brand

o god my bors brand
my hart wil nie meer nie